SYZMIK - Workwear

  • From the depths of the earth, a Syzmik change has been rumbling into worksites across Australia and New Zealand … and it’s about to get bigger! Since the launch of Syzmik Workwear two years ago, workplaces have been enjoying the comfort and durability of their new Syzmik clothing, trusting the range to keep them safe, warm and dry as they work hard to make their living.

    Under development and continuous strict testing for safety compliance, durability and comfort the SYZMIK range of workwear has been developed to meet the needs of hardworking men and women in the workplace across a variety of industries. It will continue to grow as we develop more quality products using innovative fabric technologies which undergo stringent testing to ensure reliability to those whose lives depend on it.

    Heat stress is the single biggest problem affecting our customers at work: Traditional cool work wear has used lightweight cotton drill to help provide a heat stress solution. The issue with this solution is that the base garments and fabric are essentially the same as traditional workwear so there is only minimal additional cooling achieved. The other major limitation of traditional cool workwear options is the loss in strength and durability from using a lighter weight fabric.

    Syzmik Workwear has a range of work clothing that boasts:

    • 140% More breathability than traditional work pants 
    • 77% More tearing strength than traditional work pants 
    • 120% More breathability than traditional work shirts 
    • 190% More tearing strength than traditional work shirts